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[业余土制] SlabPlus内存分配算法

March 8th, 2008 No comments

This is an enhanced SLAB algorithm implementation in application layer, which provides O(1) memory allocating and efficient memory recycling.

  • application layer slab allocator implementation
  • O(1) allocating / free: almost speed up 500% – 1200% vs malloc
  • re-implementation of page supplier: with new “SLAB-Tree” algorithm
  • memory recycle: automatic give memory back to os to avoid wasting
  • 30% – 50% memory wasting
  • platform independence

Since SUNOS has presented slab allocation theroy, many OSs have implemented slab in their kernel. But it requires kernel-layer interfaces such as page supply etc. So this library improves slab’s algorithm and brings the interfaces of slab into application layer.



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